The techniques of engraving making was introduced into Chinese court in the 18th century, the Italian missionary Matteo Ripa (1682-1745) successfully made in 1713 engraving series titled Thirty-six Views of Summer Palaces in Chengde based on the court painter Shen Yuan’s (fl. 18th century) painting. This lecture focuses on Ripa’s engraving series and its related issues: (1) reconstruction of the process of making; (2) transformation between different medias, i.e: Chinese painting and European engraving; and (3) the significance of Ripa’s print series in the context of visual culture in the Qing court.

The presentation will be in English.

Dr. Ching-Ling Wang

Curator of Chinese Art


The First Engraving Series in China: On Matteo Ripa's Thirty-six Views of Summer Palaces in Chengde (in English)


Angebote für: Erwachsene
Termin: So 19.11.2017 15:30 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr
Ort: Kulturforum
Treffpunkt: Kulturforum, Vortragssaal im Kunstgewerbemuseum
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Ausstellungen: Gesichter ChinasWechselblicke
Sammlungen: KunstbibliothekMuseum für Asiatische Kunst
Veranstaltungsreihe: Kunst zwischen China und Europa

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