Dinah Eastop, PhD, MA, FIIC, ACR, FHEA, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Institute of Archaeology, UCL, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Glasgow, Visiting Academic, University of Southampton:

The practice of deliberately concealing worn garments (and other things) within the structure of buildings will be introduced. The investigation of DNA from a strip of baleen used to stiffen a corset-like garment found in one cache will be introduced. This research contributed to understanding both historic dress and changes in the biodiversity of the North Atlantic Right Whale.

Dr. Dinah Eastop has worked in the ‘heritage sector’ for forty years, in conservation practice, higher education and research, mainly in the UK, but also in Australia and South-East Asia. Her PhD linked the physical nature of objects to their cultural dynamics. She is interested in the changing roles of textiles and dress in museum and archive collections, and their effects on conservation and custodial decisions. She has honorary posts at the universities of Glasgow, London (Institute of Archaeology at UCL) and Southampton (UK). She works with the inter-governmental conservation organisation ICCROM, notably for the CollAsia programme. She initiated and leads the Deliberately Concealed Garments Project, which has provoked widespread interest within and beyond academia.


Conservation and the concealment of garments within the structure of buildings

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