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View of the East Facade of the Humboldt Forum

Humboldt Forum to Open on 17 December 2020


The ceremony at the Ethnologisches Museum of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin prepared two mummified heads (Toi moko) of two tattooed Māori heads for their repatriation to New Zealand: Te Arikirangi Mamaku (Repatriation Programme Coordinator) and Hinemoana Baker
© SPK / / Florian Gärtner

Toi moko from the Ethnologisches Museum return to New Zealand


Pergamon Altar, view of the Gigantomachy frieze / north risalit. A complete and richly detailed 3D model of the Pergamon Altar created as part of a digital scanning project is now available online.
© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Antikensammlung / Johannes Laurentius

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