Young Design at the Kunstgewerbemuseum: Opening Weekend of German Design Graduates 2021 and Design Talks


The Kunstgewerbemuseum invites visitors to the exhibition opening of German Design Graduates 2021 on 8 October 2021 and to Design Talks, which take place through 10 October 2021.

German Design Graduates 2021

The Kunstgewerbemuseum presents the second instalment of the German Design Graduates programme, featuring more than 80 positions of young designers representing by more than 15 German academies and universities. Their projects range from A for Accessoire (Accessories) to V for Verpackung (Packaging); they also include Mobilität (Mobility) and Neue Technologien (New Technologies). Numerous prizes are being awarded as part of the German Design Graduates events, highlighted by a cultural award endowed with 2,500 euros.

Design Talks

Design Talks over the weekend augment the opening of the exhibition on 8 October 2021. Curator Amelie Klein and designer Sebastian Herkner are guests of the events on Sunday, 10 October 2021.

Sunday, 10 October 2021, 1 p.m.: UDK design talk by Amelie Klein

To Hell with Good Intentions. Why design won't save the world

Design has a long and sad history of complicity. It makes things beautiful, new and desirable and thus contributes to consumer frenzy and increasing pollution of land, water and air. It attracts with user-friendliness and helps to violate data protection regulations and personal rights. It promises solutions to whatever problem and claims to make the world a better place. Better for who? And what's better? Often too little is given to this.

As a mediator between people and their environment, design has to say goodbye to its self-image as a problem solver. Rather, it has the task of conveying complexity so that we can find our way around the world and with the world. Will everything be fine then? Probably not. Because there is no such thing as black and white.

Sunday, 10 October 2021, 4 p.m.: Design Talk by Sebastian Herkner 

Balance of things

In a world of growing consumption and dwindling resources, it is the designer's responsibility to design things with care and respect that convince through quality, function and attitude.

Sebastian Herkner will talk about his work and attitude in design.

Registration is requested at info[at]germandesigngraduates