“Women“: Second Instalment of the Integrated Exhibition Series “The Second Glance” from 31 October 2021 at the Bode Museum


Women is the second show of the multi-part exhibition series The Second Glance and, from 31 October 2021, complements its first edition All Forms of Love, which started in 2019 and will continue to be shown in parallel. The integrated exhibition series invites visitors to engage with current, socially relevant topics in the permanent exhibition of the Bode Museum. Six thematic routes encourage visitors to take a "second look" at 62 objects from the Skulpturensammlung und Museum für Byzantinische Kunst and thus discover them in a new and different way

The Second Glance: Women

Through the objects and the visualisation of the depicted personalities, visitors can explore the role of women in history, their perception in society and the artistic realisation of the pictorial themes related to women:

  • What are the stories behind the objects depicting women?
  • Who were these women?
  • Why and how are they presented in the museum?
  • Finally, a bridge to the present and contemporary discourses is built by the question: What connects them to the Berlin women of today?

Cooperation with Frauentreff Olga

The reference to the present and to contemporary discourses is also established in the cooperation with the Frauentreff Olga, a drop-in centre and counselling centre for drug-using women, trans* women and sex workers. As part of the exhibition, the initiative presents photographic works taken by street sex workers. The project enables a change of perspective and complements the perception of heterogeneous women's lives.

An Exhibition in the Museum and on the Net

The Second Glance: Women can be explored on site using information sheets and is available as a German- and English-language online catalogue, which is also available as print-on-demand. Dates of the planned lecture series, the free exhibition catalogue and further information are available at www.smb.museum/thesecondglance.