Video Workshops on the Exhibition “Late Gothic: The Birth of Modernity”


A four-part video series on the current special exhibition at the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin’s Gemäldegalerie provides a special learning opportunity for families.

The special exhibition Late Gothic: The Birth of Modernity at Berlin’s Gemäldegalerie showcases the art of the 15th century in the German-speaking world. As part of a digital education and outreach project, a series of videos was produced in collaboration with the visual artist Birgit Bellmann, allowing families to discover the culture of the late Gothic era from home.

These video clips provide inspiration for artistic projects using simple materials that can be found in any household. In the workshops, for example, a graphic motif from the exhibition traverses different art forms, manifesting as a painting, a work of handicraft, and a sculpture. Of course, there are no rules to which motifs you can choose!

#1 Graphic Arts – pick your motif

In the graphic arts, which includes both drawing and printmaking, significant technical innovations were made during the late Gothic era. This allowed motifs and subject matter to travel, spreading across vast distances and transforming along the way. In the first workshop, we experiment with how you can pick out a motif and transform it using your own ideas and simple materials.

Other episodes

  •     #2 Sculpture – your motif becomes spatial
  •     #3 Craft – your motif in silver
  •     #4 Painting – your motif in colour