Three years of the Numismatic Collection’s interactive catalogue and the first chance to adopt a coin for Mothers’ Day


For three years the interactive catalogue of the National Museums in Berlin's Numismatic Collection has been up and running online at:

In those three years, coins have been sponsored to mark births, christenings, birthdays, communions, confirmations and in remembrance of loved ones and friends. Now, for the first time ever, it is also possible to adopt a coin specifically for Mother's Day. In return for a donation of 20 euros, the adoption of a coin means the sponsor's name appears in the Numismatic Collection's interactive catalogue.

'Adopting a coin for Mother's Day is something completely new in the Numismatic Collection's history,' said Bernhard Weisser, Deputy Director of the Numismatic Collection. He went on to say that 'through the scheme, donors support the publication of our holdings on the Internet, our numismatic work in Berlin and new additions to our collection.' The donations help finance positions for young researchers, allowing them to get their first experience in this field with us at the Numismatic Collection.
Coins sponsored in the 'adopt a coin' scheme help enrich the interactive catalogue, the online publication of our holdings.

On 20 May 2010 a list of the coin sponsors was published at and can be viewed by going to 'About Us' and scrolling down to 'Current donors listed here'.