The Pictorialism Portal goes live online!


The Pictorialism Portal is the result of a research project on the art of photography around 1900 and is about to 'go live’ in July 2014 at:

The portal gives users a broad insight into this precious and rarely shown collection within the Kunstbibliothek’s extensive holdings. In particular, the collections of works by Ernst Juhl and Fritz Matthies-Masurian, acquired very early on (in the 1910s) are now searchable in detail and can be used by anyone interested in this rich chapter in the history of photography.

The Kunstbibliothek is able to present Juhl and Matthies-Masurian’s works in their broader historical context thanks to the 2013 acquisition of the private research archive of art historian Enno Kaufhold, which contains material on the history of the creation, publication, and display of art photography around 1900. In addition, the portal features transcripts of the lectures which were held last autumn during the International Symposium on Pictorialism at the Museum für Fotografie.