The new academy program 2021 is bookable!


The new series of talks and lectures (German only) offer a wide range of opportunities for involved discussion on themes relating to art and cultural history.

The Academy Program for the 2nd Half of 2021

The lecture series of the Academy Program in the coming months will highlight exciting topics and artists - such as "Peter Paul Rubens", "Die realistischen Malschulen des 19. Jahrhunderts", "Die erste Demokratie der Weltgeschichte" and "Alexander Calder" (German only). The accompanying work observations take place in the respective museums in small groups. Bookings can only be made online.

Further Information

Further information, the entire program and tickets can be found on the Academy page (German only). The entire half-year program 2/2021 Education and Learning for Adults incl. Academy is also available as a download (PDF, 3.9 MB) and in paper form.

All of the offers were planned according to current COVID-19 health and safety measures. However, the uncertainty of the pandemic and corresponding regulations can lead to adjustments or cancellation of events at any time. Please stay informed about current health and safety regulations.