The Museum Europäischer Kulturen to be showcased at the Humboldt Forum

Museum Europäischer Kulturen

The Museum Europäischer Kulturen at the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin is to have its own "Motion Detector" featured at the future Humboldt Forum. In a paper released yesterday, the Stadtmuseum and Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH announced a decision by the Forum's 'Berlin exhibition' to pursue a wide-ranging partnership with the SMB's Museum Europäischer Kulturen. Whenever conceptually relevant, the aim is for the Humboldt Forum to devote space to European cultures and accompanying objects. The project will in turn benefit from the museum's methodological and contextual expertise. It is hoped that the partnership will raise the profile of the museum's main site in Berlin-Dahlem, which is set for an organizational makeover following the departure of the Ethnologisches Museum and the Museum für Asiatische Kunst.

'I very much welcome the way in which the museum has been able to draw upon its partnership with the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin as a way of contextualizing social and everyday cultural themes – particularly those relating to our multicultural society – within a European setting', said Elisabeth Tietmeyer, Director of the Museum Europäischer Kulturen. 'Since its establishment in 1999, the museum has repeatedly explored the theme “Europe in Berlin" in a number of exhibitions and events, and has tailored aspects of its collection policy accordingly. All the more reason, then, to celebrate the fact that all the know-how accumulated over the years, and the pool of knowledge this has fostered, can now be put to productive use at the Humboldt Forum'.

The President of the Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Hermann Parzinger, also welcomed plans by the State of Berlin to forge links with the successful Dahlem-based museum. 'It is indeed encouraging that the Museum Europäischer Kulturen has been so actively involved in drawing up the plans released today for the Berlin-themed spaces in the Humboldt Forum. Thanks not only to a shared philosophy of engaging with society and cultural history, but also to the character of their respective collections, there are significant thematic overlaps between the Stadtmuseum Berlin and the Museum Europäischer Kulturen. These intersections represent tremendous enhancements to the content of both collections. While the Stadtmuseum focuses upon the urban living environments and culturally diverse society to be found in Berlin, the Museum der Europäischer Kulturen explores the same themes by collaborating with partner institutions on both a national and European level.'

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