The Madonna now staying in Berlin until 17 July 2016! Hans Holbein the Younger’s “Darmstadt Madonna” to remain on display for an extended period.


In response to the high level of public interest, Hans Holbein the Younger's “Darmstadt Madonna" will be shown for an extended period until 17 July 2016.

From 19 May 2016, this masterpiece from the Würth Collection will appear in a modified special exhibition, where visitors will have the chance to see the work in dialogue with other 15th century depictions of the Madonna. This will feature the “Dangolsheim Madonna" (c. 1460-65) by Niclaus Gerhaert of Leyden and Michel Erhart's “Ravensburg Madonna of Mercy" (c. 1480) – two works that number among the most outstanding examples of late Gothic sculpture. A reproduction from the Gemäldegalerie of Filippo Lippi's “Virgin of Mercy" (the original has been missing since 1945) serves as a fitting finishing touch to this special exhibition and its overall theme of “protection".

While the rehang is in progress, visitors will be unable to access the exhibition from 10 to 18 May inclusive.

Holbein in Berlin
21.01.2016 to 17.07.2016

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