The Humboldt Box - on the right track to the Humboldt Forum


The First of July marks the first anniversary of the Humboldt Box. So far more than 300,000 visitors have viewed the exhibition about the Berliner Schloss and future Humboldt Forum. To coincide with the anniversary of its opening, the cultural project beside the Museum Island now features a newly designed entrance area as well as new exhibits from the Amazon Rainforest.

The Box's success is not only evident in the visitor numbers, general feedback from the public has also been very positive. 'Hats off!' writes one visitor, 'A museum you can spend a whole day browsing in', while another comments: 'Interesting and diverting, even for kids.' Another visitor noted 'how much care and attention has gone into the arrangement of the exhibits.' As a foretaste of the planned Humboldt Forum, the exhibition in the Humboldt Box has been greeted with wide approval.

To meet the demand for some core details regarding the Berliner Schloss / Humboldt Forum project, the exhibition on the first floor containing information on the construction plans and the participating institutions behind the Humboldt Forum has been expanded. Clear floor plans and a three-dimensional model of the building, featuring pull-out drawers for each floor, illustrate how the rooms will be put to use in future.

On the second floor, visitors are greeted by a display of dance masks from the Amazon Rainforest. They originate from indigenous groups in the border region between Brazil and Colombia and were originally worn in mourning rituals. The exhibits belong to an extensive collection, acquired in 1904 by the National Museum's Ethnological Museum, which will go on permanent display for the first time in the Humboldt Forum once it is completed.

Ever since construction work on Schlossplatz began, the view from the terrace in a perpetual state of change. Marking its first anniversary, admission on 1 July will be priced at just 2 euros. From noon until 6 pm staff on all exhibition levels will be on standby to present information on the Berliner Schloss / Humboldt Forum project.

The exhibition is a joint project between the National Museums in Berlin, Humboldt University, the Central and Regional Library Berlin and the Stiftung Berliner Schloss - Humboldtforum.

Open daily 10 am - 8 pm
Admission: €4, concessions: €2.50
Free admission for children under 12