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The gate is open! Days of the open construction-site at the Humboldt Forum on 24 and 25 June 2017

Humboldt Forum

During these two open days visitors will be able to stroll through the passageway between the Lustgarten and the Breite Straße. The first completed section of the facade already conveys a sense of how stunning the Baroque reconstruction will be when finished. Discover just how far construction has progressed over the past year by looking into the 30 metre-high foyer, not forgetting the Schlüterhof and architectural and sculptural decorative elements from the Palace Workshop.

In a specially curated programme comprising contributions by artists, spoken-word performances, concerts, pop-up cinema, presentations, talks, Pecha Kucha, a project for kids and teens, and culinary delights, the Humboldt Forum is extending an invitation to explore the world as a whole. Right in the middle of the construction process, and right at the heart of the site, visitors can explore the Humboldt Forum’s original approach for themselves.

Each day there will be four thematic sections with engineers, archaeologists, ethnologists, medics, botanists, historians, zoologists, city planners and poets illuminating the interdependence of nature and culture, science and research, society and politics as well as architecture, art and spirituality – all by making reference to everyday objects and works of art from various cultures and ages.

For example, what is the meaning of an eagle on a facade or totem pole, and what did it represent for the Aztecs? Ships are alway s built according to the same basic principle – but what effect do houseboats, trading vessels, ferries or fishing boats have on the world of water for different people in different places? Helmets protect that most vulnerable of human organs, the brain. But what do they represent, and why are they considered symbols of power? Palaces exist as stately buildings in almost all cultures – but why is the pineapple uniquely associated with such opulence?

The Humboldt Forum has curated this multifaceted programme not only to provide new insights into Berlin’s unique collections and the site’s eventful history, but also to show how its partner institutions cooperate.

Programme Saturday, June 24, 2017

Programme Sunday, June 25, 2017

Time and Location
24.06. and 25.06., from 10 am to 6 pm
last admission 5:30 pm

Construction Site Humboldt Forum
Schlossplatz 5
10178 Berlin
(north entrance to the left of the Humboldt-Box)

Humboldt Forum

It’s Our Construction Site Too!
14.10.2018 to 16.12.2018

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