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The Bode-Museum and Pergamonmuseum Reopen on 3 October 2020

Museumsinsel Berlin

On Saturday, 3 October 2020, the Bode-Museum and the Pergamonmuseum reopen on the Museumsinsel Berlin (Museum Island, Berlin). Following the closing caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the historical ensemble in Berlin’s most popular museum quarter will once again be fully accessible to visitors.

The Bode-Museum with the Skulpturensammlung und Museum für Byzantinische Kunst and the Münzkabinett

The magnificent building built at the northern tip of the Museumsinsel in 1897 is home to three collections: the Skulpturensammlung (Sculpture Collection) with masterworks of European sculpture – including Antonio Canova’s Dancer and Giovanni Pisano’s Man of Sorrows, the Museum für Byzantinische Kunst (Museum of Byzantine Art) with its first-class collection of Late Antique and Byzantine art from the 3rd to the 15th centuries, and the Münzkabinett (Numismatic Collection), one of the world’s most important numismatic collections with over one million objects. Selected works from the Gemäldegalerie (Old Master Paintings) enhance the presentation.

Opening Hours and Admission Prices

  • The Bode-Museum (Am Kupfergraben, 10117 Berlin-Mitte) is open as of 3 October 2020 during regular opening hours.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday ‒ Sunday, 10 am ‒ 6 pm and Thursday, 10 am ‒ 8 pm.
  • The publicly accessible café in the Bode-Museum’s large domed hall is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday ‒ Sunday, 10 am ‒ 6 pm and Thursday, 10 am ‒ 8 pm.
  • The museum shop is open Tuesday ‒ Sunday, 12 noon ‒ 6 pm.

Prices: The price of admission is 10 euros, reduced 5 euros.

The Pergamonmuseum with the Vorderasiatischem Museum, Museum für Islamische Kunst and the Antikensammlung

The Pergamonmuseum, built between 1910 and 1930, houses three Staatliche Museen zu Berlin collections today.

The Vorderasiatische Museum (Museum of the Ancient Near East) presents artefacts of Western Asia’s more than 6,000-year cultural history stemming from Mesopotamia, Syria and Anatolia. The main attractions include the colourful Ischtar Gate, the Processional Way of Babylon and the reconstructed sculptures from Tell Halaf.

The Museum für Islamische Kunst (Museum for Islamic Art) brings together masterpieces of decorative and applied arts, as well as archaeological artefacts from the 8th to 19th centuries. Produced by Muslim societies and the Christian and Jewish groups living among them, these works include the richly decorated stone façade of the Caliphal Palace of Mshatta and the famous Aleppo Room.

The Antikensammlung (Collection of Classical Antiquities) is one of the world’s most notable collections of Greek and Roman art. Located in the Pergamonmuseum, the collection includes such highlights as the monumental Market Gate of Miletus from c. 100 AD. Due to the building’s partial renovation, the hall containing the Pergamon Altar, the north wing and the gallery of Hellenistic art are inaccessible at this time.

During the renovation visitors can find highlights of the ancient metropolis of Pergamon as well as a 360°panorama by artist Yadegar Asisi in the temporary exhibition building Pergamonmuseum. Das Panorama.

Opening Hours and Admission Prices

  • The Pergamonmuseum (Bodestraße, 10178 Berlin-Mitte) is open as of 3 October 2020 during regular opening hours.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday ‒ Sunday, 10 am ‒ 6 pm and Thursday, 10 am ‒ 8 pm. 
  • Access is exclusively via the James-Simon-Galerie.
  • The café and restaurant Cu29 in the James-Simon-Galerie is open Tuesday ‒ Sunday, 12 noon ‒ 6 pm.
  • The museum shop is open Tuesday ‒ Sunday, 11 am ‒ 6 pm.

Prices: The price of admission is 12 euros, reduced 6 euros.


The Museum Island Ticket including Pergamonmuseum. Das Panorama can be purchased online and at all ticket counters for 19 euros, reduced 9.50 euros. An additional time-slot ticket is required to visit the individual museums and can be booked free of charge:

Children and teens under 18, persons accompanying severely disabled individuals, holders of annual passes, press, ICOM or DMB IDs, as well as members of the Friends or Supporter Associations of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, are requested to reserve a gratis time-slot online at or at the ticket counters and to present the corresponding ID upon admission without being asked. Time-slot tickets can also be purchased on site at the ticket counters, subject to availability.

Special Admission and Health and Safety Regulations

Please note that because of the coronavirus pandemic there are special admission and health and safety regulations in effect in our museums until further notice.

  • The number of visitors is limited and determined by the space available. All visitors aged 6+ are obliged to wear a mask/nose and mouth covering, to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres from other people, and to follow signs and the designated courses through all exhibition spaces.
  • Museum visits are only possible with a time-slot ticket, which can be booked online:

Tours Available for Groups

Group reservations and tours by outside guides are not permitted until further notice. Tours that can be booked for groups of up to four persons are available at selected venues and include the Multaka Project tours at the Pergamonmuseum and the Bode-Museum in German, English and Arabic. In addition, the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin offers a wide range of cultural and educational programmes for individual visitors with new formats that conform to pandemic regulations