The Art of Painting in the 19th Century. The Nationalgalerie Collection

Alte Nationalgalerie

Publication of the catalogue of 19th century paintings at Berlin’s Nationalgalerie

With around 1800 illustrations with vivid descriptions of works by world renowned and forgotten painters, this visual atlas will quickly become an essential reference work for art lovers, collectors, and art dealers. The collection of 19th century paintings at Berlin’s Nationalgalerie was originally contemporary, but as of 1900 it became a historical collection expanded according to varying priorities. Ideas about art and its function have changed fundamentally over this long period of time, but this allowed the highly interesting combination of works in the collection - the collection reflects its history.

More detailed information of literature, on exhibitions, and on provenance can be found in the online collection of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.

About the catalogue

  • Imhof-Verlag, hardcover, 24 × 31.5 cm, 2 volumes, 944 pages, ca. 1750 illustrations, in German
  • Museum edition: ISBN 978-3-88609-788-3, bookseller’s retail edition: ISBN 978-3-7319-0458-8
  • Price at the museum: 128 € / at booksellers: 199 €

The work on the catalogue was made possible with the generous support of the Ernst von Siemens Kunststiftung.