The Art of Language for Everyone: Learn Spanish at the Bode-Museum


The Skulpturensammlung (Sculpture Collection) at the Bode-Museum and the Instituto Cervantes are using Spanish lessons as a means of providing an interested audience with a deeper understanding of Berlin’s cultural richness. The programme “Die Kunst der Sprache. Die Sprache der Kunst” (The Art of Language. The Language of Art) at the Bode-Museum from May to December 2019 offers an opportunity to learn Spanish, to put it immediately to use and to learn a little about Spanish cultural heritage in the process.

The aim of this special offer is not only to practice Spanish but to illustrate the shared history of Spain and Germany through cultural processes which are linked to works of art. In a full circle approach, historical relationships are revealed just as intercultural associations between Germany and Spain are also renewed. Participants are made aware that art represents its own time, but also possesses a timeless value. The Bode-Museum is particularly suited to this type of exchange because it brings together the largest and most important collection of Spanish sculpture in Germany.

The courses cover various topics, focusing on themes such as applied sculptural techniques and processes, the symbolism of grave sculpture and its origins, as well as monarchy and ruling powers.

The selected offers are open to adults, children and young adults ‒ groups are welcome.


  • For adults: The first Thursday in the month (except 3 October), 6 pm, 12 euros for 60 minutes
  • For children aged 6‒12: Saturdays, 25 May, 7 September, 2 November, 6 euros for 90 minutes
  • For families: Course on 7 December, 12 euros for 60 minutes
  • Individual appointments will gladly be arranged for school groups

Because the number of participants is limited, reservations for the courses are required. They can be made in advance either online or at the museum. Detailed information and prices are listed on the Insitituto Cervantes website.