Supra - A Georgian Celebration: Georgian Culture Days at the Museum Europäischer Kulturen

Museum Europäischer Kulturen

Exhibition "Wine Culture"

Organised by the Georgian National Museum, featuring historical photographs and ethnographic objects from the 19th century.

For 14 consecutive years, the Museum Europäischer Kulturen has offered an annual programme of exhibitions and events known as "Culture Days". This year the spotlight falls on Georgia. These events will focus on Georgian viniculture and dining culture - the Georgian "Supra" is a traditional feast that, like the winemaking process, plays an integral role in many Georgians' cultural identities.

Over a period of four weeks, visitors will have the opportunity to encounter Georgian culture and tradition. Presentations by artists and scholars from Georgia and Germany will illuminate the history of the country's viniculture and art, its music, and how celebration is connected to everyday life. The extensive programme will offer a variety of films, concerts, lectures, and readings, as well as wine tastings and culinary surprises.

While the museum's "Culture Days" help to establish and maintain connections with European partner museums, the programme's primary goal is to provide visitors from Berlin and the rest of Germany with a chance to gain insight into other Europeans' ways of life. 

Information on individual events will be available in June.


The Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi; the Embassy of the Republic of Georgia in Berlin; the Museum Europäischer Kulturen - Staatliche Museen zu Berlin