Solidary Gastronomy: La Foresta introduces Food Performance on 26 June 2019 at the Kunstgewerbemuseum


For the opening of Design Lab #4 and Ezio Manzini's lecture the Kunstgewerbemuseum invites visitors to join them for an alpine food performance by Italian citizen initiative La Foresta, who runs a community academy at their local train station close to Lake Garda. 

Open Network from Italy

La Foresta acts as an open network that brings together and encompasses different groups, citizens and the social policy service of the municipality of Rovereto (Italy).

Social Solidarity

It was founded in 2005 with the aim of creating a community-founding academy in Rovereto station. La Foresta has the explicit desire to actively involve people in the initiative, to create spaces for social solidarity and participative learning for people of different cultural backgrounds and generations. The members come from diverse academic and non-academic fields e.g. the Brave New Alps collective, Comun'Orto and many more. For further information the community academy invites interested parties to visit their website

Design Lab #4 Opening

Members of La Foresta will be serving organic food and wine produced by their local network, while sharing stories about their everyday experimentation with the creation of a solidary, open and resilient community.

La Foresta community academy (Italian only)

Design Lab #4
27.06.2019 to 21.07.2019

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