Schinkel exhibition and Humboldt Box with one ticket


The 'Duo Ticket: Schinkel + Humboldt' has been available for purchase online and at the Kulturforum and the Humboldt Box on Schlossplatz since October. At a price of €14 (concessions: €7), the ticket entitles the purchaser to visit both the 'Karl Friedrich Schinkel. History and Poetry' exhibition at the Kupferstichkabinett at the Kulturforum and the Humboldt Box, a temporary exhibition space on Schlossplatz that provides information on the construction of the Humboldt Forum and its future use.

With just one ticket, visitors can now experience the fascination of Schinkel's universe in all its splendour: the exhibition demonstrates the true breadth of his creative work while many of the buildings designed by the top Prussian architect can be admired from the terraces of the Humboldt Box-providing an extraordinary view from above of Karl Friedrich Schinkel's wider concept for the centre of Berlin, including the Altes Museum, the Schlossbrücke, Friedrichswerder church and the (partly reconstructed) Bauakademie.

Schinkel and Humboldt were two men that fate brought together. Wilhelm von Humboldt was both a personal friend and an early patron of Karl Friedrich Schinkel. They met during Schinkel's first trip to Italy in 1803 at Humboldt's salon in Rome. In 1810, Humboldt helped Schinkel to secure employment in the Prussian civil service by recommending him for a position in the state department of the arts and later as chief planner. Schinkel went on to become one of the most significant architects in Prussia and Europe. He also directed the renovations of Wilhelm von Humboldt's private residence Schloss Tegel in 1821.