Renovations at the Kunstgewerbemuseum: Temporary Closure of Select Exhibition Spaces from 5 March until Summer 2024


Due to renovations and remodelling from 5 March to summer 2024 for the new installation of its important medieval collection, the Kunstgewerbemuseum (Museum of Decorative Arts) is closing rooms on the ground floor displaying the medieval treasury, for instance, the renowned Welfenschatz (Guelph Treasure) and splendid Renaissance objects, such as the Lüneburger Ratssilber (the silver collection from the city of Lüneburg).

Following the end of the successful special exhibition Canops – Extraordinary Furniture for Charles III of Spain (1759–1788), the Kunstgewerbemuseum is closing its exhibition spaces on the ground floor for three months. From summer 2024, important Renaissance objects and major works from the medieval collection will again be displayed at the Kunstgewerbemuseum at the Kulturforum.

As of Autumn 2025: Medieval Treasury Including the Welfenschatz

The presentation of the treasures of the Middle Ages has remained largely unchanged since the museum opened in 1985. In future, the outstanding collection will be presented to the public in a contemporary exhibition focusing on the Welfenschatz as the highlight of the medieval department. Significantly more works than before will be on display, including important parts of the church treasuries from Enger and Basel, major works from all art genres from the Romanesque to the late Gothic periods as well as selected examples of secular jewellery and the art of minstrelsy.

The design incorporates elements of the building designed by Rolf Gutbrod and deliberately dispenses with a space-defining exhibition architecture. It is based on plans by the architectural offices Duncan McCauley, Berlin, which won the architectural competition for the redesign in 2019. The reopening is planned for the fall of 2025.