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Publication “Glances into Fugitive Lives” out now

Museum Europäischer Kulturen

The starting point of this publication is the presentation daHEIM: Glances into Fugitive Lives realized in Berlin by the Museum Europäischer Kulturen with the artist barbara caveng and the initiative KUNSTASYL in 2016/17. Against the background of the situation of immigrants fleeing to Europe since 2015, it highlights the experiences and dreams of its protagonists from a residential hostel in the Berlin district of Spandau.

Biographical examples of people who have migrated within, to and from Europe in the last two centuries are brought into comparison with current fates. This demonstrates that flight is not a new phenomenon, but has always been with us – at various times and in various places. Twelve authors from Europe, North and South America describe individual migration experiences, looking back as far as the 19th century from 2016. Over and beyond this, European migration movements are placed in global contexts, and forms of institutional migration remembrance presented.

Edited by Elisabeth Tietmeyer fot the Museum Europäischer Kulturen – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Published by, Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg: (open access).

Book (PoD): 24,90 €


Elisabeth Tietmeyer and Dagmar Neuland-Kitzerow

Why this book?

barbara caveng

“I’am a human.” From READY NOW to KUNSTASYL – A chronicle

Dachil Sado

Myth of Gilgamesh seeking Europa

Milan Miletić

E. B. Fate of a Bosnian Refugee in 1990’s Germany

Dagmar Neuland-Kitzerow

“I never felt like a complete stranger .” Stations of a flight from Hungary in autumn 1956

Elisabeth Fendl

Having to go – the moved history of a family from the Bohemian “Erzgebirge”

Alina Helwig

Between the Crimea, Kazakhstan and Germany – Magdalena Schweiger on the search for home

Helga Neumann

“This visa issue is the most important issue in our lives right now.” One of many: Anna Seghers in exile, 1933–1947

Kristina Heizmann

“Guests of the nation” or “guest workers”? Belgian refugees in Great Britain, 1914 –1918

Lennart Johansson and Håkan Nordmark

Emigration from Sweden to America: the example of Signe Karlsdotter

Jochen Oltmer

Migration as a historic normality: Europe in global migration processes

Juliana Monteiro et al.

Ways and lives of Italian migrants in Brazil at the end of the 19th century

Myriame Morel-Deledalle

Armenians in Marseilles

Diana Pardue

Ellis Island: Gateway to the United States

daHEIM: glances into fugitive lives
22.07.2016 to 02.07.2017

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