Premiere in front of the Bode-Museum: The Frauenmuseum’s (Women’s Museum) City Bus Shows the Exhibition I Love No Waiting on 15 May 2022


The Frauenmuseum’s mobile project space, City Bus, is celebrating its premiere appearance in the outdoor area in front of the Bode-Museum with the temporary exhibition I Love No Waiting on 15 May 2022, from noon to 5 pm. During the one-day special presentation, women artists critically examine female role models and representations in art with sculptures, paintings and video installations. The free presentation is part of the integrated exhibition The Second Glance: Women currently on view at the Bode-Museum.

Using Mobile and Spontaneous Means to Reveal Women Artists’ Creative Standpoints

With the City Bus, artists from the Frauenmuseum Berlin have developed a dynamic exhibition concept to reveal women artists’ creative standpoints. The Frauenmuseum views itself as a network for women artists living and working in Berlin. The non-profit association was founded in the 1990s and has been active in visual arts since 2007 without a fixed location. With its work, the museum seeks to provide a forum for professional women artists working in Berlin, to promote their networking, to reach an interested public through contemporary art exhibitions and to draw media and gallery attention to women artists.

Participating Artists

Ulrike Dornis, Caty Forden, Andrea Golla, Verena Kyselka, Niina Lehtonen, Lilla von Puttkamer & Vera Lossau, Mechthild Rathmann, Kathrina Rudolph, Beate Spitzmüller, Marianne Stoll and Sibylla Weisweiler. The project was conceived and implemented by Sibylla Weisweiler and Regina Weiß.

The Second Glance: Women at the Bode-Museum

The integrated exhibition series The Second Glance invites visitors to consider topical, socially relevant themes in the Bode-Museum’s permanent exhibition. Along six thematic routes, they are encouraged to take a second look at 62 objects from the Skulpturensammlung und Museum für Byzantinische Kunst (Sculpture Collection and Museum of Byzantine Art) and to discover these in a new and different way. Women, currently on display, is the second instalment of the exhibition series. This show makes it possible for visitors to explore the role of women throughout history, examine how society perceives women and reflect on how women (as subject matter) have been rendered in works of art.

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