Poseidon - Facebook Ambassador for “Pergamon - Panorama of the Ancient Metropolis”


He is known to everyone: Poseidon, god of the sea and 'earth-shaker'. His new home: the Pergamon Museum on the Museum Island. Poseidon is now the exhibition's ambassador on Facebook. He regularly reports back on current goings on and events and gives us an exciting glimpse behind the scenes, as well as telling us stories and things we ought to know from the world of the gods. Anyone who clicks 'I like' is invited to exchange ideas on the exhibition on his platform or to post their pictures of the show for others to enjoy.

Poseidon is a moody, combative figure, he does not concede defeat lightly and harnesses his abilities as a dangerous means to get what he wants or seek revenge. He embodies the violence of the sea storm. His unrestrained nature is also reflected, however, in his passion for the female sex - no beauty, be she goddess or human, is safe from his urges. When his pride is flattered or he finds himself in a good mood, he can also prove to be generous and is willing to intervene for the sake of sailors. For more on him, Olympus and the ancient city of Pergamon, check out: