Online Lecture Series „Museums and Ancient Western Asia” from 17 January to 15 March 2022

Vorderasiatisches Museum

In a series of six online lectures on "Museums and Ancient Western Asia: Perspectives from the Middle East" the Vorderasiatisches Museum der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin and the London Centre for the Ancient Near East (LCANE) will focus on perspectives from the Middle East on museum work from 17 January  to 15 March 2022. 

Current scholarship on curating “Ancient Near Eastern” archaeological collections has highlighted the viewpoints and practices of institutions and museums in Europe and North America. Museum professionals from the Middle East and/or those working in the Middle East, however, have been mostly absent from these discussions. 

Museums in countries of the Middle East have their own histories and practices, which make an equally significant contribution to the discipline with new questions, solutions, and directions. This lecture series will serve as a platform for a discussion with museum professionals, archaeologists, cultural heritage professionals, educators, and others on practices around curation, interpretation, conservation, research, outreach, and education of ancient western asian collections.

More Information

The online lecture series will be held in English.