One ticket for two exhibitions: '… Old Fritz, Who Lives in his People' at the Old National Gallery and 'Frederick the Great …'

Alte Nationalgalerie

The National Museums in Berlin and the German Historical Museum are offering an online combination ticket together for the first time. Tickets can be reserved online in the ticket shop of the National Museums in Berlin for the duration of these two exhibitions in Berlin's historic centre marking the 300th anniversary of Frederick the Great's birth.

Tickets are valid for entry to both exhibitions on the day of the reservation (except Mondays). They are also available for purchase at Berlin's tourist information offices and through the Berlin Service Centre tourist hotline.

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German Historical Museum
21 March - 29 July 2012
'Frederick the Great - respected, revered, reviled'

Frederick II of Prussia, known as Frederick the Great, is one of the most striking personalities in German history and memorial culture. The image of 'Old Fritz' continues to have a place in the collective memory to this day. And yet, the King of Prussia has been remembered and exploited in a variety of ways during the over 200 years since his death: he has been viewed as the first public servant and reigning philosopher, glorified as a military commander and national idol, and was later ridiculed as a warmonger and misanthrope. This exhibition features 450 items that offer a comprehensive overview of Frederick's influence on art, politics and society for the first time.

Admission: €8, concessions €4, children unter 18 free
Opening hours: daily 10 am to 6 pm

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Deutsches Historisches Museum

Unter den Linden
10117 Berlin

Alte Nationalgalerie
23 March - 24 June 2012
'…Old Fritz, Who Lives in his People'.
The Image of Frederick the Great in Adolph Menzel

Between them, the National Gallery and the Kupferstichkabinett have in their collecitons most of the paintings and works on paper that the young Adolph Menzel (1815-1905) created depicting the life of Frederick the Great. Besides the many famous pictures from this time, executed with an enthusiastic eye for detail, we also have hundreds of studies, working proofs and woodblocks from the artist's numerous major illustrative series.

The most popular of these series were his wood engravings, totalling just under 400, produced to illustrate the book Geschichte Friedrichs des Großen (or: 'History of Frederick the Great') by Franz Kugler, published in 1840. Thanks to this work, Menzel not only acquired intimate knowledge of the subject, but also gradually developed an image of the monarch that he subsequently varied in a series of paintings over the following years, which, apart from three works lost in the war, will also go on show for the first time together in the exhibition. They portray Frederick II as an enlightened monarch, as a resolute supreme military commander, as a friend of philosophy and the arts: in short a view of Frederick II imbued with bourgeois virtues, which more than half a century after the king's death, served as a role model for Menzel's day.

The exhibition is preceded by a chapter containing depictions of Frederick the Great by artists who actually met him: Antoine Pesne and, most importantly, Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki. These pictures served to fuel the mythology surrounding the Prussian king in his own lifetime. Historical and contemporary themes vividly interlock in Menzel's work and the exhibition thus ends with depictions of the actual age he lived in. In Menzel's hands, past and present are captured with equal vigour and attention to detail, presenting us with an image of the fleeting and chance moments of life.

Admission: €8, concessions €4, children unter 18 free
Opening hours: Tue - Sun 10 am to 6 pm, Thurs 10 am to 10 pm