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New Role – Old Master: Daniel Brühl in the Gemäldegalerie


'Diehgo Welatzkuetz' – a visitor struggles to pronounce the name of the Spanish artist. 'Diego Velázquez' one hears from off camera, in a convincing Spanish accent. This accent comes from none other than Daniel Brühl, who played the role of a helpful museum steward for a day in the trailer for the exhibition El Siglo de Oro: The Age of Velázquez.
The actor, whose mother is Spanish, feels a close connection to the country.

As he explained after filming, Brühl is particularly fascinated by Spain's Golden Age: 'There is a dark force that leaps out at you from the paintings, a strength and pride that I find very appealing. It reminds me of my grandparent's generation, my Spanish grandfather and his attitude and perspective.'

However, it is not just in the trailer that the actor guides visitors through the Gemäldegalerie. Brühl also narrates an audioguide that personally leads visitors through the exhibition. So listen up! After visiting the exhibition, no one will be saying 'Diehgo Welatzkuetz' anymore. The audioguide is included in the admission price.