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New museum building at Kulturforum gets its own website


Over the course of the next years, a museum for 20th-century art will be constructed at the Kulturforum. A new website will report on the planning and construction process until the museum’s opening.

The microsite provides answers to important questions concerning the construction of the Kulturforum's new museum. In addition to presenting the collections that will be displayed there in the future, the site describes, more generally, the Kulturform's key contributions to learning and the arts in Berlin. It also provides updates on the competition for the design of the new building, a multi-stage process that has been ongoing since 2015. Once the winning design is announced at the end of October 2016, the site will continue to give updates on the construction process.

The title 'Berlin Modern' and domaine name for the website on the new building should be seen as provisional placeholders: a decision has yet to be made as to how the building will be officially named in future.