New Hangings in the Special Display In A New Light: Works in the Central Hall


Since May 2017, the Gemäldegalerie has been showing the special display In a New Light in the Central Hall. Some 70 works from our collections, which had previously received little attention in the storerooms or the study gallery, are now on display here with the exhibition architecture and lighting they deserve.

In a New Light is conceived of as a living exhibition, something that is in constant flux. After the opening of the special display of the Privatsammlung Kuckei in a section of the Central Hall, we now have the pleasure of placing the focus on new hangings in the other areas of In a New Light.

In the centre of the hall’s front wall, the group portrait of the Children of Marschall Ney, by the French painter Marie-Éléonore Godefroid, radiates as a new central work.

In the early Italian painting section, there is now a fragment of a fresco on display featuring a portrait of a youth. It is attributed to Filippino Lippi – though some view it as a modern forgery. This new display offers visitors the chance to form their own impression of this fascinating and controversial work.

The exhibition also now features a Madonna by the Veronese painter Francesco Morone. The picture captivates the viewer with its delicate, luminous colours and an enchanting landscape scene in the background. A Madonna by Francesco’s father Domenico also hangs in the collection rooms of the Gemäldegalerie, meaning visitors can now study the stylistic shift between two generations in a family of artists.

In the Dutch painting section, visitors can discover a large-format painting by Rembrandt’s student Jan Lievens. This enigmatic depiction, which is full of tense contrasts of light and dark, depicts a fortune teller reading the hand of a young woman.

The new hangings, which also include a tondo from the workshop of Perugino as well as works by Girolamo Figino and Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen, are on display until the end of 2018, when the installation of the exhibition MANTEGNA and BELLINI: Masters of the Renaissance will commence.