New building for the museum of 20th century art: ‘A significant step forward’


The President of the Stiftung Preussicher Kulturbesitz on the new building for the museum of 20th century art at the Kulturforum

Foundation President, Hermann Parzinger, gave an update detailing the current situation of the new museum building at the Kulturforum: ‘We have been involved in a number of discussions, in particular addressing issues relating to the surrounding urban space and the precise dimensions of the future building. Discussions conducted over the past few months with representatives of the St.-Matthäus Kirche have yielded positive results. The measurements of the new building will be reduced slightly in comparison to those outlined in the competition design, allowing the exterior space of the Kulturforum to be defined with greater clarity. At 14 metres, the aboveground distance to the church has been considerably increased compared to the original plan. The new building’s eave height will not exceed that of the church. However, this will have no impact on the total amount of exhibition space. The new dimensions therefore correspond to the development plan that is publicly accessible at the Berlin Senate Administration (until 12 June). We have thus made a considerable step forward. The new building will mean that the Nationalgalerie’s world-class collection of 20th century art can at last be displayed to its full potential, and I am certain that its presence will lend a new quality to the Kulturforum more generally as a public space’.