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museum4punkt0: Exhibition of Works for the Grand Finale on 3–4 May 2023


To conclude the project, museum4punkt0 extends an invitation to its grand finale. Under the title museum4punkt0 Finale – Workshop – Work Exhibition – Knowledge Transfer, all 27 subprojects transform the Kulturforum into a large workshop on digital outreach, showing their applications and sharing their experiences gathered during six years of museum4punkt0.

Practical tips on all aspects of digital outreach and everyday work in the museum sector will be available in various workshops, idea exchange sessions, peer consultations, expert discussions and other interactive formats. Smartphone apps and other applications can be tried out on-site. A detailed programme is available on the museum4punkt0 website.

Book Release: museum4punkt0 | workbook

Am Abend des 3. Mai 2023 um 17 Uhr findet das Book Release des museum4punkt0 | workbook statt. Die vielstimmige Publikation vereint die Erfahrung der Partner aus sechs Jahren Verbund und gibt mit Tools und Methoden Anregung und Impulse für eigene Projekte und den Weg in eine nachhaltige Digitalität.

The Collaborative Project museum4punkt0

Since 2017 the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz (Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation) has been networking museums throughout Germany that, through the collaborative project museum4punkt0 – Digitale Strategien für das Museum der Zukunft (Digital Strategies for the Museum of the Future), have developed a wide range of digital applications for the communication of cultural heritage. The project has been funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. Twenty-seven subprojects are mutually pursuing the goal of bolstering digital education across Germany.