Museum of Decorative Arts: new director


From the beginning of April, Sabine Thümmler will be taking over from Angela Schönberger in the post of Director of the Museum of Decorative Arts at the National Museums in Berlin.

Since 1991, Thümmler has been head of the Deutsche Tapetenmuseum (a national museum dedicated to the art of wallpaper) and oversaw its inclusion into the Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel in 1993. Thümmler, a doctor of art history with professional experience in the field of costume design, brings with her a wealth of experience on how to plan and organise exhibitions and boasts many publications to her name.
One of the tasks the 53 year-old has cut out for herself is to accentuate the facets of the museum's collection with the aim of attracting higher visitor numbers in future.

In a city with countless art, fashion and design academies and schools, Thümmler has expressed her desire to see a special role ascribed to fashion and design. She aims to have future exhibitions incorporated into an overall, meaningful strategy for the various institutions assembled at Kulturforum and to strengthen research and scholarly work undertaken with other collections within the National Museums in Berlin.