“Mschatta-Lounge” Concerts to Run from June to September 2019 at the Pergamonmuseum


Musicians have always brought together ideas and sounds from right around the world. They combine various musical traditions and contemporary perspectives – making them audible, and allowing audiences to experience them as new sonic spaces. The objects in the museum tell their own stories of cultural dialogue, and can inspire new compositions. A new collaboration between the Museum für Islamische Kunst at the Pergamonmuseum and Piranha Arts, the “Mschatta Lounge” concerts seek to produce a transcultural platform that reflects the diversity of our shifting contemporary world through musical expression.

Local musicians will be invited to interpret a specific object from the exhibition through their own musical idiom. The resulting compositions will be showcased in multiple ways. To begin with, the “Mschatta Lounge” concerts offer each of the artists the chance to give a concert in the Mschatta Room, which will include the first live performance of their commissioned composition, along with pieces from their own repertoire. As well as this though, the newly produced pieces will be integrated into the exhibitions, making them accessible to individual visitors and to audiences outside of the confines of the concert. In addition, the recordings will be presented online along with images of the object to which it responds, allowing people who are unable to attend the museum the chance to experience the objects through music.

Musicians such as Dima Orsho & Friends, Bukahara, Cyminology, MASAA, Karmatürji and Milad Khawam will kick off this year’s “Mschatta Lounge” concerts at the Museum für Islamische Kunst.

The Pergamonmuseum’s programme is suitable for children, teenagers and families, as well as people with special needs.

The six concerts of the series

Tickets can be purchased in advance online for €8, or on the night at the box office, from 7 p.m.

This project is supported by the Capital Cultural Fund and the Friends of the Museum für Islamische Kunst im Pergamonmuseum e.V.