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MOI Analysis Tool for Museums of Impact Available in German

Institut für Museumsforschung

There is good news for those working creatively in the museum sector who have resolved to increase the effectiveness of their institutions in the new year. The Museum of Impact (MOI) analysis framework is a free tool to unleash your museum staff’s strategic and creative potential that will help them advance and improve their community work. The tool is now also available in German.

The project, Museums of Impact (2019–2022), which the Institut für Museumsforschung also participated in, developed the MOI analysis framework as an innovative tool for museums seeking to increase their impact in a constantly changing society.

Self-Evaluation for Greater Social Impact

The MOI method of self-evaluation is specially designed to address current concerns about the social impact of museums. It is meant to complement existing models of quality assurance and impact measurement. The MOI analysis framework helps museum teams discuss, self-assess and select development goals in their effort to increase their effectiveness within communities. Three tools are available: traditional workbooks, an analysis board and a deck of creative cards. The MOI analysis framework is arranged into four foundation modules and four impact modules.

All of the MOI resources are now available for download in German and English.