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Vorderasiatisches Museum

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We would like to invite you to support a unique restoration project!

In the early twentieth century, Max von Oppenheim (1860-1946) made an impressive archaeological find during excavations at the former seat of an Aramaean prince at Tell Halaf in north-eastern Syria. The 3,000-year-old treasures he unearthed included monumental basalt sculptures, hundreds of relief panels and a large number of smaller artworks. The fascinating objects were exhibited at Oppenheim's Tell Halaf Museum in Berlin for just a few years. In 1943 the building was completely destroyed by an incendiary bomb and it seemed as if the works had been lost forever. But in 2001 a small team of scholars and restorers from the Vorderasiatisches Museum took on the immense task of reconstructing the objects from more than 27,000 basalt fragments.

Working with the many small pieces, they have now reassembled more than 30 sculptures and a large collection of architectural stones and stone utensils. This work was only possible with the generous support of our sponsors and donors.

However, we need additional funds to restore the remaining finds and to present them on a large scale to the public. Starting in 2011, the works will be shown at a special exhibition in the Vorderasiatisches Museum, which is located in the Pergamonmuseum.

By making a donation, you can help us to complete the project!

Alternatively, you can donate money to Tell Halaf via bank transfer:

Bundeskasse Kiel
Account: 210 010 30
Bank code: 210 000 00
Reference: STPK 068728279 VAM Tell Halaf

For foreign payments:
IBAN DE42210000000021001030

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Donation receipt and contact information

For sums up to 200 euros, you may submit the receipt to the German tax authorities as proof of your donation. However, if you would like a donation certificate (Spendenbescheinigung) for a smaller sum or wish to donate more than 200 euros, we would be pleased to issue you one. Please contact Ms. Stiller at tel. 030-266 412 711 or by e-mail at

For more information on the donation project, please contact:
Dr. Stephan N. Barthelmess
Director, Development Unit
Tel.: +49 30 266 412 504