Łukasz Jastrubczaks's installation on view at the Neues Museum and Bode-Museum

Neues Museum

The Polish artist Łukasz Jastrubczak (*1984 in Zielona Góra) embodies in his actions the spirit of a 1970s Conceptual artist, devoting himself to the study of various phenomena. This time he examines the phenomenon of symbolic capital as well as processes of revaluation of objects when presented in museums. On behalf of “The Center,” an art institution located on the site of an allotment garden in Szczecin, Poland,Szczecin, Poland, Jastrubczak brings the institution’s initial capital—consisting of 66 gold bars—to well-known Berlin institutions, where the bars will be exhibited temporarily within the permanent collection. The golden bars are made out of cardboard sprayed with gold paint and constitute the remuneration of the people working at the “Center” (i.e. artist, theoreticians, and installation team). With this alchemist action, which revaluates the bars, Jastrubczak negotiates the connections between economic, cultural, and symbolic capital.

His installation “Sprite Fo Copcentual Tarist“ is on view as part of the permanent exhibitions at the Neues Museum (Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte) and the Bode-Museum (Münzkabinett) from 21 July until 30 October 2016.

This artistic contribution is part of the exhibition “COMMON AFFAIRS – Revisiting the VIEWS Award – Contemporary Art from Poland” (21.07. – 30.10.2016) at the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle/and at the Polish Institute Berlin.