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Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece is coming to Berlin!


The 'Lady with an Ermine' will be the sensational highlight of the 'Renaissance Faces' exhibition and will be on show for a limited time only, until 31 October.

After lengthy negotiations, the exhibition organizers have succeeded in securing Leonardo da Vinci's iconic painting 'Lady with an Ermine' for the exhibition in the Bode Museum in Berlin. Berlin is thus one of the last places that will be allowed to display the painting before its return to Poland where it will remain for ten years.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) painted only a handful of portraits, among them the world renowned 'Mona Lisa'. The 'Lady with an Ermine' dates from 1489/90 and has also become one of the iconic faces of the Renaissance, known around the globe. The small panel, measuring 54 x 40 cm, is of seminal importance, because with it Leonardo achieved something fundamentally new in the art of portraiture, a full ten years before the start of the 15th century.

The painting depicts the young Cecilia Gallerani, the mistress of the Duke of Milan, Lodovico Sforza. Its inclusion in the show presents a unique opportunity for visitors to experience for themselves the mysterious aura of this exquisite work! The trace of an imperceptible smile can be found on the lips of this beautiful woman. Has her lover just called her? And what significance does the ermine carry, whose fur Cecilia is stroking? These are just some of the questions the picture raises.

The chance to experience Leonardo's art in the original is bound to be a spellbinding occasion.

Use the opportunity while online to safeguard your place in viewing this masterpiece. Demand is high and we strongly recommend that you book tickets and tours as early as possible, either by going to or phoning +49 (0)30 266 42 42 42 (Mon-Fri: 9-4 p.m.).

Please note that Leonardo da Vinci's work 'Lady with an Ermine' will not be on show for the entire duration of the exhibition and will only be on display until 31.10.2011.

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Renaissance Faces
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