KUNSTbibliothek Online: Insights into Digitalisation Projects at the Kunstbibliothek at the Kulturforum


Six digitalisation projects can now be explored in the Kunstbibliothek (Art Library) lobby at the Kulturforum. The project presentations provide information about ongoing work to digitally document a broad spectrum of objects from the collection holdings and make the resulting images accessible online.

The Kunstbibliothek houses exceptional graphic collections with numerous works from the fields of architecture and ornamentation, clothing and fashion, photography, graphic design and book art. Extensive portions of these collections are currently being recorded and placed online as part of six digitisation projects. The presentation KUNSTbibliothek Online, offering an overview of these works, can be viewed free of charge in the Kunstbibliothek lobby until early May 2022.

Commentaries, descriptions and observations from staff in the respective projects provide very personal perspectives on architect Erich Dieckmann’s furniture design, paintings and drawings of clothing spanning five centuries, Leni Riefenstahl’s Nuba photographs, typeface samples from Berlin type foundries, and many 19th and 20th century posters. Those contributions offer an opportunity to discover unfamiliar and previously unexhibited objects, discussed from an individual point of view.