Humboldt Forum: Position Paper on International Cooperation for Long-Term and Sustainable Prospects for the Future

Humboldt Forum

Around 80 cooperation partners from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania developed long-term and sustainable future prospects for working together during a three-day symposium from 12 to 14 September 2022. The participants formulated their ideas, proposals and expectations in a statement titled Dignity – Continuity – Transparency.

Some 80 international community representatives, Indigenous experts, colleagues from museums in the regions of origin, artists, filmmakers and academics participated in the discursive workshops. The symposium programme was also developed in close consultation with the international partners. The Ethnologisches Museum’s and the Museum’s für Asiatische Kunst cooperation partners, some of whom have been working with the institution for years, have contributed in many ways to the Humboldt Forum exhibitions, including co-curating, collaborative research, scholarly advice and providing contemporary artworks. During the public open house last weekend, they entered into dialogue with 25,000 visitors in the numerous expert talks and other events.

At the time the statement was made on 18 September 2022, 47 international participants at the opening symposium had already signed. The document is open for further signatures.