Hanging of the PERGAMON panoramic picture


On 9 September 2011 the 360° panorama, especially designed for the exhibition 'PERGAMON - Panorama of the Ancient Metropolis', organized by the National Museums' Collection of Classical Antiquities and panorama artist Yadegar Asisi, was installed in the temporary rotunda erected on the forecourt of the Pergamon Museum. The monumental panoramic image, 24 metres tall and over 100 metres long, was eagerly awaited by its designer Yadegar Asisi. It was the first time he could see his own work in situ in the purpose-built rotunda.

A lot, however, still remains to be done until the opening on 30 September: the illumination and sound installation, as well as Eric Babak's film music still have to be attuned to the panorama and properly set in place. The café, cloakroom and 'asisi shop' still have to be set up in the temporary foyer. And the north wing of the Pergamon Museum itself, now cleared after the Tell Halaf exhibition that closed there in mid-August, still has to be prepared for the installation of the new exhibition and all its exhibits, many of which will be going on show for the first time ever.

Starting on 30 September 2011, the National Museum's Collection of Classical Antiquities will present the first ever major exhibition on the ancient city of Pergamon: 'PERGAMON - Panorama of the Ancient Metropolis', featuring many objects from its storerooms, never displayed before. The exhibition will run for an entire year. Yadegar Asisi's new 360° panorama has been especially created for the exhibition. It presents a 1:1 visual reconstruction of the city, on show on the museum's forecourt. Once they step inside, visitors will be transported to the year 129 AD and gain a lively picture of life in antiquity. A day-and-night simulation, a tapestry of realistic everyday sounds that people from the time would have heard and especially composed background music by film composer Eric Babak will add the finishing touches to the journey through time.

30.09.2011 to 30.09.2012

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