Hanging of the PERGAMON Panorama


Yesterday, the 360° panorama PERGAMON by Yadegar Asisi arrived at the new exhibition building Pergamonmuseum: The Panorama, next to the Museumsinsel Berlin. Once the enormous panorama (measuring 104 m x 30 m) had been unpacked from the shipping cases, a team of climbers rigged it up onto a track, hoisting it up to a height of 30 metres.

The large-scale panoramic painting was awaited with great anticipation. The monumental picture will now hang bundled up 30 metres above the ground, until its unfurling right before the opening of the exhibition project PERGAMON – Masterworks of the Antique Metropolis and 360° Panorama by Yadegar Asisi in fall 2018. Over the course of the summer, the interior of the exhibition building will be completed, and the painting will be fully installed. The entire canvas will be stretched out and fixed in place, lighting and audio will be installed and calibrated to complement individual visual elements. The atmospheric background music and the soundscape will be finalized and fine-tuned by Yadegar Asisi in collaboration with the composer Eric Babak. In the exhibition space, the 80 original sculptures from the Antikensammlung – including the small frieze from the Pergamon altar – along with the exhibition installations on the antique metropolis of Pergamon will be set up and arranged.

With the panorama, the Antikensammlung and Yadegar Asisi are shining a spotlight on the city of Pergamon in Roman times (ca. 129 AD). The project carries on from the huge success of the first panorama that Studio Asisi created in 2011 for the Pergamonmuseum for the exhibition Pergamon: Panorama of the Antique Metropolis.

In an interview on the Staatliche Museen blog, Director of the Antikensammlung Andreas Scholl and the artist Yadegar Asisi provide more information about how this monumental project came about.