From one end of Germany to the other. Transport of painting for 'SCHLOSS BAU MEISTER - Andreas Schlüter and Baroque Berlin'


Preparations for the 'SCHLOSS BAU MEISTER' exhibition are in full swing and the first loans are starting to arrive at the Bode-Museum. A particular logistical challenge was presented by one large canvas (2.40 m x 1.55 m), painted by Friedrich Wilhelm Weidemann, court painter to the prince and later king of Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm I. The shipment was sent from Kronberg, in the Taunus range in the west of the country, to Berlin in the east. The portrait, dated 1702, of Queen Sophie Charlotte is the property of the Cultural Foundation of the House of Hessen and has already been hung by a team of specialists and curators. The public will have a chance to view it from 4 April.

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