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Fourth Bead and Textile Fair at the Museum Europäischer Kulturen on 26–27 October 2019

Museum Europäischer Kulturen

The 4th Bead and Textile Fair will take place at the Museum Europäischer Kulturen (Museum of European Cultures) on Saturday and Sunday, 26 and 27 October 2019, from 11 am to 5 pm. The popular event has been hosted annually since 2016 in cooperation with French artist and author Natacha Wolters and members of the Bead People Berlin. Throughout the weekend visitors can admire and purchase bead and textile creations by selected artists, including jewellery, fashions and accessories, as well as home décor.

Various materials and techniques are offered, ranging from glass beads, felt, stoneware, paper, unusual fabrics, and historical craft materials to goldsmithing, quilting, upcycling, embroidery, innovative knitting and crocheting, mixed media and much more.

The sampler exhibition Orange Energie und Blaue Unendlichkeit (Orange Energy and Blue Infinity), a closed competition organised by TEXTILE ART BERLIN, will present 89 textile miniatures by 47 artists in the lobby of the MEK. A curator’s tour through the exhibition Fast Fashion: The Dark Sides of Fashion takes place at 3 pm.

Participants in the 4th Bead and Textile Fair

  • Bärbel Ambrus – Textiles from 1920 & design for 2020
  • Nilgün Aydinli – Poetic jewellery, crocheted with beads and silk
  • Christine Bell – Materials for creative work
  • Anna Knopp – Unique pieces made from historical fabrics
  • Daphné Buddensieg – Art to wear made of silk: kimonos, blouses, scarves and pillows
  • Barbara Carbonell – Individual headwear made from premium materials
  • Monika Droese – Filigree treasures made out of beads, silk and wool
  • Renate Dürrwächter – Beautiful hand-woven “felt and beads”
  • Gabriele Jackus & Andrea Schmeing-Häusler – Textile jewellery and accessories made out of fine merino wool, embroidered with glass beads
  • Pia Fischer – Bags, backpacks and accessories made from labels and ribbons
  • Ute Gervink – Handcrafted jewellery made with antique buttons
  • Sabine Heitzler – Hand-stitched bags, knitted stoles made from lace yarn
  • Swaantje Holtfoth – Fragments and semi-finished products and “roasted” fabrics for creative processing
  • Sybille Kuhlmann – Unusual accessories made from antique linen
  • Rosemarie Lück – Jewellery made from beads, buttons and fabric; work materials
  • Sylvia Mahl – Colliers and other necklaces, bracelets and armlets
  • Bärbel Malek – Felt and hand-made paper ranging from objects to fashion
  • Anne-Marie Mormon – Glass beads, jewellery
  • Eva Mühlebach – Textile treasures in various techniques: chain stitching, pictures, cards, books
  • Gabriele Quintiliano – Historical handcraft equipment, buttons, button cards, button collages
  • Romantic Warrior: Maria Kravetz & Britt Sobotta – Handcrafted and hand-painted corsets and camisoles, custom-fitted pieces
  • Iris Seraphin Bergner – Glass art objects, glass beads
  • Ute Stephani – One-of-a-kind textiles, upcycling fashion, accessories
  • Evelyn Zulla – Jewellery produced using beads made out of hand-twisted Murano glass rods

The Bead and Textile Fair is included in the museum ticket: 8 euros (reduced 4 euros), children under 18 free of charge; no registration required.

Fourth Bead and Textile Fair

Fast Fashion
27.09.2019 to 31.01.2021

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