Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media Opens lab.Bode Finale on the Museumsinsel


Today, Monika Grütters, Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media, opened the final instalment of lab.Bode at the Bode-Museum. Under its motto of “We Put the Museum in Motion”, the concluding lab.Bode consists of exhibitions, workshops, art performances and discussion events.

The lab.Bode finale marks the end of the five-year programme lab.Bode – Intiative to Strengthen Museum Education. Until fall of 2021, the Bode-Museum will be a space of action and will also move out into the city to the students.

The lab.Bode bikesdepart from the Bode-Museum and bring artwork reproductions, utensils and impulses for artistic work to Berlin’s schools. Cultural education and the museum are thus re-entering the children’s daily lives after months of museum closures. Digital workshops make it possible for schoolchildren throughout the country to learn about the highlights of lab.Bode’s educational laboratory. In addition, the exhibition Living Beings That Don’t Happen to Be Human, curated by students, is also on view at the Bode-Museum.

The lab.Bode Finale

Special projects, outstanding workshops and art performances from the past five years are being presented at the lab.Bode finale. Above all, the finale shows the outcome of educational work with students in the museum and offers a variety of activities on the Museumsinsel and in the schools.

Speaking at the opening, the Federal Minister for Culture and the Media said:

“Cultural participation is essential for social cohesion. This is why we are supporting cultural institutions in Germany to expand their educational work to include those who too often have been left out. Schoolchildren in particular, with their curiosity about the unknown and the new, are an important target audience. lab.Bode is an exemplary demonstration of how stimulating contemporary cultural education can be. It awakens the creative potential of a wide variety of people – regardless of origin, gender or religion.”

lab.Bode – Intiative to Strengthen Musuem Education is a joint programme of the Federal Cultural Foundation Fund and the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. The Federal Cultural Foundation Fund has financed the initiative with 5.6 million euros from 2015 to 2021.

Due to the pandemic the originally planned lab.Bode festival has been transformed into a modular lab.Bode finale. From 25 May until the end of fall school break, the finale offers a wide-ranging programme with numerous highlights. Children and families, young people and adults have been able to visit exhibitions at the Bode-Museum since Friday, 21 May 2021. From mid-August 2021, they can also take part in various workshops.