Baumschule Kulturforum: Artistic Horticultural Installation Opens in July 2023


Beginning in July 2023, the freely accessible “Baumschule Kulturforum” (Kulturforum Tree Nursery), an artistic horticultural installation, will be put in place under the creative guidance of Klaus Biesenbach and atelier le balto.

Slowly but surely, little green islands consisting of groups of young trees will populate the stone-covered expanse at the Kulturforum. As new participants in the urban space, they invite visitors to linger, interact, discuss and contribute. The Baumschule Kulturforum installation seeks to sustainably improve the ambience at the Kulturforum while enabling a new view of the surrounding cultural district. The location was originally conceived as a green extension of nearby Tiergarten Park – and might become so again. The project is being launched in July 2023 with a small group of young trees placed on the Kulturforum Piazzetta.

Step by Step Towards a Cultural and Museum Garden

Starting in July 2023, the Baumschule Kulturforum installation will slowly transform into a temporary, freely accessible and participatory cultural and museum park-like space encompassing all of the neighbouring institutions. Young groves of trees will mature over the summer, shading the robust wooden seating and encouraging visitors to linger and mingle. Initially some 80 trees will be planted on about 250 square metres of open space in front of Café Estrade on the Piazzetta and elsewhere. A total of 200 trees are to be planted in the following weeks on the grassy roundabout in front of St Matthew’s Church and ultimately on Scharounplatz.

Collaboration with atelier le balto

The willow, alder, walnut and cherry trees selected by the artists and landscape architects in close cooperation with Klaus Biesenbach are well suited to the urban climate. Their function is not solely decorative greening but also to provide shade where previously there was none. This considerably improves the ambience on the Kulturforum’s impermeable premises. It is planned that the three tree islands covering 1000 square metres of the Kulturforum will remain in place until the end of 2024.

Outlook for the Future of the Kulturforum

The revised plans for the Museum der Moderne, berlin modern, also foresee a green Kulturforum in keeping with Tiergarten Park extending into it. The Baumschule Kulturforum installation offers a first glimpse of this long-term perspective.

Baumschule Website

The Kulturforum, made green by the Baumschule installation, encourages reflection on the transformation of urban spaces in times of climate change. The programme of accompanying events will soon be available on the website, where the various species of trees and their characteristics are to be presented. Visitors are also able to access this information on-site via QR codes.

A Day in Greenery: 3 September 2023

A Day in Greenery: The Undiscovered Kulturforum Gardens, which was also held in 2022 as one of the Summer Cultural Festival projects, takes place again on 3 September 2023.