Back to Stüler: The Museumsinsel’s Colonnades to Be Restored to Their Original Condition

Museumsinsel Berlin

The installation of a temporary boat-guidance system on the Spree’s retaining wall marks the beginning of the final stage in the restoration process of the 19th-century Stüler colonnade, which give the Museumsinsel Berlin its special character.

During the construction work, casings need to be installed around the colonnades and a work platform must be erected, parts of which protrude two metres out over the retaining wall. In conjunction with this, a floating guidance system needed to protect against impact from passing boats during the  construction work has now been anchored in place.

Relocation of the Alte Nationalgalerie’s Sculpture Restoration Workshop 

The construction work is being carried out on the northern section of the colonnades. This section was added in 1911 to create extra space, and a front building was added in 1957. Until recently, these areas were used, among other things, to accommodate the Alte Nationalgalerie’s sculpture restoration workshop, which has now found a customised home in the Bode-Museum. The two-storey fixtures are currently in the process of being removed, and the columns released and restored.

Connection with the Restoration of the Pergamonmuseum

In a few years’ time, the colonnades will play a very special role in the restoration and refurbishment of the Pergamonmuseum. Following the completion of phase A, and during the refurbishment of the southern wing (phase B), visitors to the Pergamonmuseum will pass through them. They will access the Pergamonmuseum via the colonnade walkway, separated from construction site traffic.

Completion of Construction Works Planned for 2022

Coordination with the Berlin Monument Authority will play a key role in the release and restoration of the colonnades. The construction work is expected to be completed in 2022. This will mark another step towards the realisation of the Museumsinsel master plan, with its open-plan concept, according to which the buildings on the island will be connected by courtyards and colonnades to form a unique ensemble. The Kolonnadenhof is a special place in Berlin’s historic centre, even outside museum opening hours.