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Activities Day: On the Way to the Humboldt Forum

Humboldt Forum

Free admission to the museums on the Museumsinsel and at the Kulturforum for one day. On 25 November 2017, the public is invited to come along and experience the entire spectrum of fascinating special exhibitions in a single day as part of the series of events called ‘On the Way to the Humboldt Forum’.

The Humboldt Forum is entering the final stages of construction and the Dahlem Museums are packing up their collections, ready for the move. For a brief time only, objects from the collections of the Ethnologisches Museum and Museum für Asiatische Kunst (previously housed in Dahlem) will appear in various shows on the Museumsinsel and at the Kulturforum for one last time before the permanent move to the Humboldt Forum in 2019.

On 25 November visitors enjoy free admission to the special exhibitions

Information on the day’s events and featured exhibitions including many special tours and exhibition talks will be posted here shortly.