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Academy Lecture Series “Berliner Bildhauerschule” Now Available Online


The German lecture series Berliner Bildhauerschule (The Berlin Sculpture School) on the Nationalgalerie’s collection can be viewed online from 18 March to 31 May 2021.

Academy lecture series and discussions offer a variety of opportunities for in-depth study of art, culture, and historical subjects.

The Berlin Sculpture School

Johann Gottfried Schadow, Christian Daniel Rauch and Reinhold Begas are the most well-known names among some 400 19th-century sculptors who practiced their art in the city along the River Spree. Representing all generations, this group of artists, who came to be known as the Berlin Sculpture School, excelled in portraiture and monument art. The lecture series invites participants to compare the artists’ works and focuses on the genres of busts, religious works, mythological subjects and public monuments. The function of public monuments in our time is also addressed.

Art historian Lutz Stöppler, M.A., leads the series.

The four-part series can be booked online, participation fee: 32 €.