ABOUT THE MUSEUM – Short interactive tours led by students at the President’s Citizens’ Festival


On the 7th and 8th of September 2018 student mentors from the ABOUT THE MUSEUM initiative will present an interactive educational program focusing on Schloss Bellevue and its surrounding park. The program is part of the President of Germany’s Bürgerfest (Citizens’ Festival). ABOUT THE MUSEUM, supported by the German Savings Bank Finance Group, places students at the centre of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin’s education and outreach work and assists them in developing a constructively critical relationship to the museums.

Through several activities at the Bürgerfest, students, together with the Savings Bank Finance Group – in particular the Savings Bank Cultural Fund of the Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband – will engage in discussions with festival visitors. Besides short interactive tours of the President’s official residence and a contest focussing on works and museums of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, guests will have the chance to be photoraphed as Nefertiti.

On September 7th the President will receive guests of honour from all over Germany whose volunteer activities have made outstanding contributions to the vitality of civil society. On September 8th, open day at Schloss Bellevue, President Frank Walter Steinmeier and his wife Elke Büdenbender will welcome all interested citizens.

This year the Bürgerfest will take place under the motto ‘Standing together as one’. The Bürgerfest is an opportunity for the President to publically acknowledge the significance of volunteer work and the social engagement of businesses, initiatives and non-profit organisations as an indispensable part of a strong civil society.

For further information see: www.bundespräsident.de/bürgerfest-2018