200,000 visitor to “Renaissance Faces”


On Friday we were able to greet the 200,000 visitor to the immensely popular exhibition 'Renaissance Faces', currently on show at the Bode Museum on the Museum Island.

Kim David Bühler (26 years old and a theatre set technician) came to the exhibition with his wife, Sarah Bühler (a 32 year-old actor) and their 6 month-old daughter, Hedi Bühler. The young family life in Kreuzberg, Berlin and wanted to take in the exhibition as part of the Sarah's birthday.

At 10:30 the Bühlers were greeted by the Director General of the National Museums in Berlin, Michael Eissenhauer, along with other representatives from the museum.

In a statement, Michael Eissenhauer announced: 'The numbers of people flocking to see the show at the Bode Museum is wonderfully affirming and a tribute to our work! Our valuable collections and solid scholarly research are what lie behind 'Faces.' Both components form the basis of our museum work and have made this exhibition a run-away success.' The Director General then presented the surprised visitors with a voucher for two flights to New York, sponsored by airberlin, along with a year's subscription to the magazine 'art'.

After the surprise presentation, the exhibition's curator, Stefan Weppelmann, took the family on a personal tour of the 150 masterpieces from the early Italian Renaissance.

From day one, the exhibition at the Bode Museum has been a huge attraction, drawing scores of visitors each day. We were able to count the 100,000 visitor to the show just four short weeks ago. The crowds show no sign of dwindling, even though Leonardo da Vinci's painting 'Lady with an Ermine' is no longer part of the exhibition, which runs to 20 November 2011. We strongly advise that visitors take advantage of the extended opening times from Thursday to Sunday.

'Renaissance Faces' opening times:
Mon - Wed: 10 - 6 p.m.
Thur - Sun: 10 - 10 p.m.

Renaissance Faces
25.08.2011 to 20.11.2011

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