1 millionth visitor to “Pergamon. Panorama of the Ancient Metropolis”!


Just eight-and-a-half months after its opening on 30 September of last year, Andreas Scholl, Director of the Collection of Classical Antiquities at the National Museums in Berlin, and the panorama artist Yadegar Asisi, were on hand in the museum around noon on 15 June to welcome the exhibition's one-millionth visitor.

This means that 'PERGAMON - Panorama of the Ancient Metropolis' has rapidly developed into one of the most successful exhibitions at the National Museums in recent times and joins the ranks of 'The Tell Halaf Adventure' and 'Renaissance Faces' as another major crowd-pulling show to have broken visitor records. The exhibition has not just been a winner with the public: on 12 May it clinched the best possible prize at the ADC Awards in the category 'communication in space - temporary, themed exhibitions'.

The lucky millionth visitors, Annika Rogalla (24) and Nico Schäfers (29), were handed an assortment of prizes. It was the first time the young couple from Bochum, who were in the capital for a few days, had visited the Pergamon Museum. They were treated to an exclusive tour through the show and the monumental 360° panorama, designed by Yadegar Asisi.

In an unprecedented joint project with asisi GmbH, the Collection of Classical Antiquities at the National Museums in Berlin is holding a comprehensive exhibition dedicated to the ancient city of Pergamon. The show runs for just a few more months until 30 September 2012. Spread over a vast space of 4500 square metres, some 450 exhibits, many of which have never gone on show before, taken from the Collection of Classical Antiquity's own holdings, are on display in the north wing and the three central architectural halls of the Pergamon Museum.